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About the artist

I'm a painter working in oil and cold wax. I focus on exploring the terrain that unites the physical possibilities of my medium with the visual, emotional, and intellectual stimuli that spark me: plants in Pacific Northwest forests and gardens; the interaction of air, water, and earth; how clothing imprisons and frees women's bodies; windows, doors, and other vestiges of built environments.

I'm experimenting with mixed media and collage, sometimes incorporated with my oil and cold wax paintings. I love drawing, too: I can reduce shape and line down to color washes, charcoal, water-soluble crayons, ink-dipped sticks, and whatever else I happen to pick up. Freedom!

I'm fascinated by the way artists navigate the push / pull between representation and abstraction. I'm on that road, too.

My 32-year career as a librarian was bracketed by two seminal periods of art study and practice: a foundational year at School of Visual Arts (NYC, 1975-76) and my return to art-making in 2018. My daily practice propels my explorations, and I'm eager to share my work with the world.

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